Custom Made
Custom design and finish

The Custom Made spirit offers design with the know-how, experience and professionalism of Citterio Line

For us, in fact, the word customisation means creationand every handlebar, whether a standard product or custom made, has its own peculiarities and is always refined, fashionable and functional. This is the added value of our production, a plus that is applied with the manufacture of handlebars and bars with custom spacings.

These are handlebars that can be completely custom made, based on the specific requirements and exceeding 1 metre in length. This is why they are currently the most popular and sought-after handlebars abroad.  We are talking about handlebars like the 354, 371, 372, 373, 404 or frames like the 5000 -5001-5002 -5003 - 5004.
Once again, customising includes the possibility of personalising the finishes.

This is why each handlebar becomes an increasingly inimitable object, capable of expressing all the personality and style of those who have chosen it.
The choice ranges from the most classic finishes to the most metropolitan and also bold new ones, such as Peltro (19), Lavagna (101) and Cement (110), right up to High Gloss and Special high Gloss, such as Pink Copper (300), Red Copper (301), Gold and Bronze. Soft colours which, thanks to the satin finish, are expressed with a more uniform visual impact, to great effect and with fantastic durability over time.
Let us advise and guide you in choosing the best finish for your world. Contact us to receive assistance!