Design and technology
the continuos research

Simple handles? Of course not!

Our challenge starts right from the idea of the product: furnishing is wonderful, but the aim is to create products that are not only visually pleasing, but also sturdy and able to simplify everyday tasks.
A design for everyone and for every context: our handles are the result of our special attention to the interaction with the surrounding environment, with unlimited access and use, according to the type of place.

Designers, architects and technicians constantly collaborate with us in this journey that requires passion, experience and great entrepreneurial ability.
Our products are proudly Italian Made as can be noticed from the unlimited creativity, design, constant research aimed at interpreting modern trends. All these are essential qualities for a company that confronts itself with the requirements of an international public.
Important investments in Research & Development allow creating always new products, experimenting new finishes and new materials, combining traditional and new materials, improving manufacturing processes that all take place within the company.