Tales from the new year
The 408 B handle

For Citterio Line, 2018 was a fruitful and interesting year marked by goals reached with enthusiasm, by achievements and discoveries, and by the increasingly productive involvement of our customers in the process of researching and designing our end products.
The 2018 crop has added a new chapter to our rich history and given us valuable insights into what will happen in this new year.
Citterio Line has restated its focus on new products, new tastes and new ways of experiencing spaces without neglecting the certainties of tradition and the timeless grandeur of classic style.
A company that never rests, reinforcing its position as a cutting-edge market force and its commitment to environmental issues in 2019, ready to tackle novel challenges and swim against the tide once again.
The new year sees the unveiling of our next major player, the proud 408 B handle: an elegant and exclusive model with a modern design and soft lines.

Despite its modern bearing, a classic, dignified spirit lurks beneath the surface of the 408 B handle.

This new handle is completely at home on today's modern and minimalist furniture thanks to its flowing, understated lines.
Like a young damsel, it looks proudly over the bright, geometric spaces of today's homes.
The brand-new 107 SOFT MATT SILVERED COPPER finish is the perfect attire for our handle in these spaces.
The versatility of the 408 B truly shines through in combination with classic and traditional furniture and decorations.
Classic spaces are a perfect fit for the lines of this handle, similar to the majestic forms of a Doric column, the oldest of the architectural orders and one of the most ancient forms of beauty.
In this case, it is the fresh 18/S BLACK SATIN COPPER finish that bridges over to the classic style, further highlighting the 408 B's ability to stand up to the ravages of time and the intensity of everyday emotions.
This new player on the scene for 2019 combines well with any furnishings, colours and shapes you might find in your home.
Here they are in a row, neatly ordered, ready and waiting in some of the available finishes (from the left):
  • the rocker, 09 ANTIQUE SILVER  
  • the determined one, 103 SCRATCHED BLACK NICKEL
  • the angelic one, 10/S SATIN CHROME
  • the frivolous one, 11 SATIN NICKEL
  • the vain one, 10 POLISHED CHROME
  • the conceited one, 111 SCRATCHED MATT BRONZED BRASS 
  • the serious one, 112 SCRATCHED MATT BLACK BRASS 
  • the resolute one, 23 MATT BRONZE
  • the precious one, 113 SOFT MATT SILVERED BRASS 
  • the proud one, 18/S BLACK SATIN COPPER
  • the modern one, 107 SOFT MATT SILVERED COPPER 

The 408 B handle can meet all your needs. Materials and finishes that never lose their power to excite; minimalism and personality that are sure to see this handle establish itself as a furniture design must-have and one of 2019's upcoming trends.