The essential is invisible to the eye.
405 handle

The handle has now been consecrated as a design object of the new environments of our homes, meaning that it is able to express the character and style of furniture and of those who have chosen it for experiencing it.

The beauty of a piece of furniture should not however neglect its functionality and comfort.

Our 405 aluminium and zama handle is the result of a careful and meticulous study of the quick, unconscious and simple gestures that mark our daily habits, from when we choose what to cook for dinner to when we decide to polish our furniture so that everything is fresh and clean.

The 405 is a decidedly comfortable and proudly discrete solution; it blends with the furniture, fitting in with it and adapting itself to the touch of the person seeking it. Essential, refined and strong.
It can accompany any surface and give a touch of freshness and exaltation because it is available in various lacquered finishes: those opaque and sober and those proudly polished, vain and elegant.
Not only the finishing touch to the style of our rooms, the handle is and should also be an object with great functionality albeit respectful presence, like the handle featured in this space.

With its 40 mm width and 17 mm height, it allows itself to be comfortably and firmly grasped to accompany a gentle gesture of opening and closing our furnishing accessories. 
Comfortable grip, refined beauty in a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

A modern space wants no frills, it knows how to fill itself with the stories of a family, the smells of a slowly cooking sauce and the sounds of the stove. 
It is there that our handle is placed, firmly settled with a high quality profile in line with technological innovation, built-in appliances and the trend to reduce overall dimensions to a minimum.
Every element of outline is reduced, some details are made smaller and others are hidden, only for exalting the real the beating heart of every home: people.
In this way, the 405 handle becomes a high expression of silent modernity, elegant observer of that performance which is the healthy and rich sharing  of our every day.
Everything comes back to its essence.

And essence, we know, does not need too many words.